11 October 2014

E L E V E N// What can Brown do for YOU?

If I were president...

Garth Brooks would be my inauguration concert. (like that should be a surprise.)

My cousin would be my Veep.

Our slogan would be What Can Brown Do for YOU?

Chipotle would be served in the White House kitchen.

The White House would have a Starbucks for sure.

I would make sure that pants had to be worn at a respectable level by everyone.

Before you were allowed to procreate, you'd have to have a rescue dog.

There would be a break for people who used cash versus credit.

Totally random but those are a few of the things that would happen if Meghan were President!


  1. It was, like you wrote-totally random, but I actually enjoy reading it. I like the break for those who pay with cash, and having to have a rescue dog before procreating...you have my vote with Garth Brooks and the Starbucks at the White House :)

  2. Buuuuut not everyone are dog people...I like dogs but I love my fluffy kitty.

  3. Haha I love this. :)


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