08 October 2014

E I G H T//Dear Future Me. (+Giveaway!)

Dear 32 year old Meghan,

Wow! You have had one heck of a decade since I sat down to write this letter to you.  The summer after you turned 23, you took a road trip with your best friend Jayme to visit Nashville, Tennessee and her family & you fell in love with the city.  Not just the Music Row part of the city, but the back roads and the country side of it as well.   You broke your lease, transferred to a store in Nashville & decided to give your writing a shot.  You wrote whenever you weren't at work, one day, you stopped at the Starbucks on the way to work & being your klutzy self, you (accidentally) spilled your iced mocha all over the guy behind you, and instead of getting mad, he asked you out, you being you blushed a shade of red that would put a tomato to shame and amidst your apologizing agreed to go out with him.  He must have a thing for tomatoes, because this year you'll celebrate five years of marriage.

You and your husband have decided to start trying for a family this summer and you are nervous, but excited at the same time.  It's not just you and your husband at home though.  You have a weimaraner and a chocolate lab along with a cat that your husband promised was just staying with you until he found a suitable home for it.

Your parents are traveling all around the country in their RV and are still as crazy as ever.  Mady finally dumped that deadbeat she was dating when you first wrote this letter, and is happily married and you are Auntie Meggy to her two girls who you spoil rotten.

Your work momma from all those years ago is still one of your closest confidantes and you fly home to see her as often as you can.

& that book you mentioned in the first paragraph before being distracted by that sweet husband of yours? You not only wrote it and published it, but you got to see your name on the best-seller list.

You've met a ton of blog friends along the way, you were in Veronica's wedding, you set Lora up with one of your hubby's friends who had that southern boy charm she had been looking for & through it all, your faith has been the one constant.

See you in ten years!

& the Meghan of today has decided to throw in a little giveaway.  I want to really start working on the business side of my blog, so I am giving away one of my paid ad spots! & if you are impatient, I'm offering ten percent off my ad with the code October!

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  1. OK is it weird or just wedding stuff that made me cry?

  2. I have been overly emotional this last month too and I don't have a wedding coming up so its not just you!

  3. Ok this is super cute. Sounds like you're the star of a chick flick!!!

  4. What a great post!! And great life! HA

  5. I enjoy reading your blog! (: Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I have entered.

  6. OMG this made me so freaking emotional. LOVE YOU GIRL.

  7. So hurry up and move already I'm tired of being single girl!

  8. I hope all of the good comes true!

  9. I fricking love this. Partly the dumping the deadbeat. ;) But also the roadtrip, the husband, everything!

  10. Right?! I thought it was pretty awesome!


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