31 October 2014

Blog Loves.

Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm thinking about starting a series on Fridays along the lines of Favorite Tweet Fridays or something of that nature or possibly just grouping that into my sporadic Friday Favorites posts.  I'm not too sure. What are your thoughts?

Anyway, since my best friend jumped back into the blogging world, she asked for some blog suggestions and I decided to share some of my faves, not just for her, but for anyone who might be interested.

Her blog is definitely one of my favorites--she blogs over at Keepin ^ with the Carruthers.  She has a severe book addiction, is a first year teacher also navigating her first year of being a wife to her middle school/high school/college sweetheart Daniel.  She is my bestest, my person & I honestly don't know what I'd do without her in my life.

Lora is the Indiana/Tennessee third of the three Musketeers.  She is an inspiration to me and is kicking ass and taking names on her weight loss journey & has a major case of Swindell fever.  She's like a big sister to me & won't pass up a good cuddle session with her cat Sgt Pepper and a Harry Potter book.

Rachael is the ex-pat first year teacher living in China third of the three Musketeers. She;s my sparkly unicorn spirit animal & I want to be as fearless as she is when I grow up.  I love her because she gives good advice & she taught me BYE FELICIA! That may be one of my favorite new sayings. Not even sorry.

Raven is that crazy aunt that everybody loves, because you never ever know what is going to come out of her mouth and she isn't afraid to speak her mind.

Sarah is the crazy lady behind Life of Love who eloped to Hawaii and married her best friend and broke the internet with all the feels.  Her and her husband Paul just might be my real life OTP.

Ashley is my long lost soul sister pretty sure.  We share a mutual love of country music and Army Wives, and I swear this girl doesn't have a mean or unkind bone in her body.  One of my blog friends that I hope to get to meet one day!

Who is one of your must reads day in and day out? These are just a few of my favorite ladies!


  1. You're my favorite. :)

    Also, I didn't know favorites Friday was a thing, but I like it. :)

    If you add Tweets, let me know. I liked doing my tweets. :)

  2. You are the sweetest! I adore you too, and I so hope we get to meet someday!


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