30 October 2014

Country Must be Country Wide.

No, YOU are posting your weekend recap on Thursday :P 

About four months ago, Brantley Gilbert announced the second leg of his Let it Ride tour, I checked the cities and dates, he wasn't coming to Minnesota, but he was going to be in Des Moines, home to one of my best friends Jayme Sue :)

Being the nice person I am, I texted her right away and said hey, I'm coming down & going to BG, and she's like I want to go too! So we started making plans for me to go down there and spend the weekend with her and her husband, Daniel. 

That weekend just happened, I took a bus down Thursday afternoon and got to Des Moines around 6. The concert started at 7, so we headed right over to the venue & on the way I realized that another one of my old OD pals was also going to be at the concert, although we never managed to meet up.  

Anyways, we get to the concert and I buy my BG shirt that I've been wanting ever since I saw it on Pinterest. 

We watch the first act, who was Brian Davis, he was pretty okay, he actually co-wrote four of the songs on Brantley's newest album, but I wasn't a big fan of him as an artist. 

After BD, we decided we were thirsty, so we went out and got a drink and then came back and saw Chase Bryant, sometime during his set, I realized that I didn't have my shirt anymore and that made me a sad panda because like I said I've wanted that specific one since I've been a BG fan which has been at least the last five years.  

His last opener Aaron Lewis was probably my favorite opener, because I knew some of his music and I knew once he was done, it'd be time for my husband BG!

I suppose I could tell you guys about the drunk couples that we had all around us.  I'm pretty sure we were the only two sober ones in our section.  At one point, the couple right next to Jayme got engaged, because y'know every girl wants a drunken proposal and like Jayme said, I sure hope they remembered it the next morning! 

Brantley Gilbert was fan-freaking-tastic.  & it was even better because I got to see him with Jayme, the only thing that would have made it better is if we had better seats, but there will be a next time for sure if I have anything to say about it! We're actually hoping to go to Winter Jam together in January! 

Friday, we were going to relax during the day and then go to Worship at the Barn in the evening, but we both decided to be lazy all day.  We slept in until like 10:30, which was SO glorious and much needed & then got our day started, I finally got to meet Jayme's better(just kidding best friend!) half & we set out for some coffee at Caribou & then decided to hit up the (broke) book nerd's Nirvana, Half Price Books & we decided on our first book club read, which is a Jodi Picoult book that I'm too lazy to go grab out of my suitcase full of books that Jayme sent me home with.  Oh yeah, we're totally the type of people to bring an extra suitcase full of books on vacation.  #YOLO

When we got back, we swapped books while Daniel just shook his head as if we were crazy.  and we probably are, but that's okay.  We listened to random mix CDs that they had kept ever since pretty much the beginning of their relationship.  Then, they introduced me to the wonderfully awesome and inappropriate game known as Cards against Humanity.  So many laughs.  

Friday night, Daniel made us an amazing dinner and then we went and got Mixers or whatever QT calls them and they were amazing. So much ice cream and chocolate, DELICIOUS! Jayme and I got our computers out and played around on our various social media sites and I finally convinced her to start a blog!  You should all check her out at Keepin ^ with the Carruthers :) 

Saturday morning, I had to come back to Minnesota and I really didn't want to, I had such an amazing time with Jayme and Daniel and I'm so grateful they let me crash with them for the weekend.

& it sure is nice to know I'm missed, I love messages like these from my work momma.  


  1. So happy I cam across your blog :) I love me some Brantley!!! Also Cards against Humanity is the best game ever. Just saying!


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