01 October 2013

Where I'm From.

So I know this was a prompt of Blogtember, but I joined after this prompt, so I'm doing it now.  

Where am I from?

I'm from a small town just north of Minneapolis that I love.  I'm the product of a raising, I say hey y'all anyhaw, not really, but I am the product of my raising.  I'm from where it's not just nice to be nice, it's expected.  I'm from the same town that both my stepmom and my dad grew up and graduated from.  I'm from seeing grandparents and my extended family as much as possible.  I'm from where country music is what's on the radio and a Chevy is what we are riding around in.  I'm from where your family is the second most important thing in this world only after your faith.  I'm from where your dogs are more than just pets they're essentially another child or children.  I'm from where you work for everything you have, but if you see a giveaway like this, you never pass it up!  

I'm also participating for the first time in Nester's 31 series..I'm doing 31 of my favorite things.  It could be a person, a song, a quote, whatever.  I know it's broader, but I'm excited.  My first favorite thing?  This boy:

-Where are you from?
-Are you participating in Nester's 31 days?  

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