25 October 2013

7 Deadly Sins

seven great things in your life.
1. My awesome relationship with my entire family.  "Steps" included.  
2. My puppies who aren't puppies anymore.  
3. I love my job...most of the time.  
4. My ability to not let much get me down.  
5. My creativeness 
6. My friends :) 
7.  My determination.  

seven things you lack and covet.
1. Time.
2. A better understanding of scripture
3. Perfect skin. Keeping Shane's answer for this one! 
4. athleticness.  
5. A country boy.  
6. More dogs lol.
7. A good voice.  

seven things that make you angry.
1. Abortion
2. Politics. 
3. ungrateful people.  
4. continued negativity.  
5.  Drama. 
6. Cold showers. 
7.  a dead phone.  
seven things that you neglect to do.
1. Call my grandparents enough. 
2. Pray. .
3. Eat breakfast.
4. Exercise (okay, ever)
5.  Wash my face every night. 
6. Not overanalyze every situation.
7. Put away clothes in a timely manner.  

seven worldly material desires.
1. An iPhone 5c
2.  A new camera.  
3.  my own place
4.  A plane ticket to anywhere.  
5. New boots
6. Concert tickets
7. A cute phone case

seven guilty pleasures.
1. Ben & Jerry's.
2. Mountain Dew
3. Mike's Hard Lemonade Black Cherry. 
4. Buying too many books
5. Big Brother. 
6. Chocolate.
7. Facebook.

seven things you love about love.
1. the holding hands
2. Laughing together.
3. Having someone to just be with.  .
   4. Being wanted/needed by someone.  
5. the spontaneous date nights
6. The passion.
7. Amazing hugs

linking up with Shane :)

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  1. Wanda@The Watered SoulOctober 29, 2013 at 5:40 PM

    Great list. There are so many things in which to be grateful.


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