11 October 2013

Sam I Am.

I stole this off of somebody's blog and I honestly can't remember who it was...

I am weird because ...
I have six ducks that live in a kennel behind my house, we were gonna let them go, but they WON'T leave! We've raised them since we bought them when they were like 4 weeks old.  
I love my dog more than most humans. 
I think some of the best times are spent at home hanging with my family.  
I break things into smaller things before I eat them..most of the time..it's the braces I think :)
I never wear matching socks.
I can sing the ABCs backward faster than I cans sing them frontward.
My stepmomma is one of my best friends.
My whole family on Wednesdays run around quoting the Geico commercial.
I love country music.
I actually like to camp, but y'know in a Camper.

I am a bad friend because ...
I rarely leave voicemails.
Texting over talking.
I hate making plans, you make them.
I may talk too much about myself.  

I am a good friend because ...
I am loyal to a fault.
I am always willing to talk.
I love finding little things that remind me of you or our friendship :)

I am sad because ...
I wish I could go to Nashville with my cousin and her family.
After the concert tomorrow, I don't know who or when I'm seeing another one next.
My grandparents will be leaving for AZ soon.  

I am happy because ...
I get to go to the concert with my cousin Steph and I'm pretty pumped.
I got paid yesterday
I paid off my Keurig I put in layaway, so I will be enjoying single serve coffee asap :) 

I am excited for ...
Having three days off next week and doing absolutely nothing.  I may or may not marathon a few TV shows :)


  1. I'd rather text over talking on the phone too, and I don't like to make plans either! I only make them with my very bestest friends. Other than that, I wait for other people to invite me!


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