12 October 2013

My Favorite Music Video

It's long, but I LOVE it!

I also have a few random tidbits here...

-I will be recapping the concert on Monday! For now though, here are a few housekeeping/random items.

-I am now using Disqus for my comments, I've been getting a heinous amount of spam comments as of late and I'm not down with that! & plus I want to communicate with you, even if you are a no reply commenter, so there we go.  

-Are you participating in Kym's Secret Santa? You really should, sounds like a ton of fun :D  

-I took off my case for my phone last week, and I can't find it anywhere, and I'm kinda paranoid that I'm gonna drop it and it's going to crack, so any affordable cute online places to get a phone case? Lemme know!

1 comment:

  1. i got mine on etsy and love it! or even amazon or ebay!


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