10 October 2013

This Blog Has Gone to The Dogs.

Hello fellow blog readers and writers.  I am Cooper and I have taken over Meghan's blog for the day.  She told me she had to go get her braces tightened? Youch.  So I thought I'd help her out and write her post for her today.  Not my fault she left me out to fend for myself!
Like I said, I'm Cooper.  I am a weimaraner which is just a big long word for adorable dog.  Duh.  In the above picture I was being pensive up on my Mom's bed.  Meghan says it was because Chloe was being mean to me.  I disagree.  That's my thinking face, not my my golden retriever sister is being a meanie face.  & Meghan thinks she knows me so well. HAH!! 

Let's talk about Chloe for a second okay?  Last year, she just showed up! Do those humans of my mine ask me if I wanted another dog? NOOO! They just say Cooper, this is your sister Chloe be nice to her! They don't seem to understand she's the one who's mean to me.  

And then there's Meghan.  She leaves me for half of each week to go visit her mom in a different house and she tells me there isn't another dog, she is a liar! I looked at Facebook, and she seems to have some sort of rat for a dog, his name is Leader...heree, I'll show you a picture, and you can all tell me that I am much cuter and Leader is in fact a RAT! 

But y'know what? In the end, she always comes home to me.  & I may or may not jump on to her nightstand because I'm so excited to see her.  And she seems to think it's so cute when I hold her foot with my paw, no lady, it's because I don't want you to go see that rat you call Leader again.  
This is where that silly human I call Meghan would say please ignore her ugly feet.  This is where I, Cooper the dog say, dang girl, you need a pedi stat, your feet are U-G-L-Y, and you ain't got no alibi.  

& then she thinks it's fun to tell her Mom that I've already eaten, because yes, I have already eaten, but if Meghan doesn't tell her, Mom will just feed me again.  I may need to bribe her with a Milkbone or something to lie to Mom.  Too much food? No such thing.  That's like too much hunting.  Meghan doesn't like grouse hunting because I leave her for like a week, and that makes her sad.  It's called payback!! 
this is the face I make when Meghan asks, "COOP THE POOP, YOU WANNA EAT?" No woman, I want to starve to death! 

Uh-oh, sounds like Mom and Meghan are home! Coop out! 

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