23 October 2013

I Admit..

+I admit...that this is my new favorite shirt, that I hate taking pictures of myself because they always turn out like this, that I got this shirt at Wally World(hello 10% employee discount!), and that I took this picture in a public bathroom.  #bloggerprobs

+I admit that after a somewhat rocky middle of summer, my life and relationships with different people in my life is pretty dang awesome.  & I couldn't be happier. 

+I admit that when Mady moved out I was a little upset, but I love not being in her shadow anymore.  And yes, she was the younger sister, but I was the more quiet, reserved one. 

+I admit that I'm not ready for my grandparents to leave for Arizona yet.  They'll be gone within the next week.  

+I admit that I'm already counting down the days to when I get to see Luke Bryan in concert, too many right now :)

+I admit that I find it so inspiring that my Aunt and Uncle are celebrating twenty years of wedded bliss today, and that I take great pride in being their flower girl & resident favorite niece! 

+I admit that I'm sucked into The Voice this season again, as well as Grey's (#teammer) and Nashville(#teamdeacon).  

+I admit that I kind of sucked it up with my goals this month, next week will be the full recap on them. #oy

+I admit that I'm super excited to have my work momma back on Saturday, she had a stroke two weeks ago today & I was afraid she wouldn't remember our relationship, but she does and I can't wait to give her a big huge hug.  

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  1. Your shirt looks SO comfy!! Karen had a stroke?? I'm so sorry girl! So glad she's back up and running though :)


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