08 October 2013

This & That.

Nothing to do with this post.  

Good morning ladies! So my 31 series is a fail, as is my blog every day in October..Oh well.  I had a horrible migraine headache for most of yesterday, and just didn't feel like trying to get a blog post out as well.

I don't have anything concrete planned for today, so you'll get a little of this and a little of that...

Have any of you heard about the woman who got fired from her job for putting down military personnel?  This one really got me fired up!  You can be anti-war, but it has always been of my opinion that if you don't want to stand behind the troops, you are more than welcome to stand in front of them!

I'm officially PSLed out.  I'm back to my signature drink of Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha.

My sister turned 18 two weeks ago tomorrow and then moved in with her best friend because of a fight she had with my stepmom.  I thought I'd miss her and there are times I wish she was wanting to hang out and be good friends like we used to, but most of the time, I'm of the mindset, it's her loss.  I have my own room now & I love it.

Three more days until Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley! I am so pumped!! After this concert, I'll have seen three of the biggest names in country music in less than a year(I saw George Strait in February!)

It doesn't hurt that I get to go with one of the sweetest girls I know, my cousin Steph(the non-ginger in the picture up there with me!)

Are any of the rest of you as obsessed with the voice as I am?  What about Nashville?  I wish Deacon and Rayna would actually get together AND stay together!

I think this concludes the most unexciting blog post in all of blogdom history.  Meghan out!

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  1. While I generally don't think a person should be fired just for having an opinion, I really don't feel bad at all that she got fired for her remarks about the military. Maybe she should head over to the middle east and try peacefully talking it out with them and see how well that works out for her.


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