16 October 2013

What's Your Name.

I was supposed to be Anna Marie, but my mom's mother thought the name was too old fashioned for a little girl.  I was also going to be a Brittany, but then my Aunt and Uncle got a dog and named her Brittany.  I'm not sure how Meghan came to be my name or why my parents decided to add the "H" but I am always very excited when I meet other Meghans that spell their names correctly haha! 

Not many things rhyme with Meghan, so my Mom would sometimes call me Meghan bo Beghan.  

My name is Irish, and it means pearl.  For the most part I really like my name.  Sometimes I wish it was more original, but I'm glad I'm not being called Apple or Coco so there's that.  

I'll answer to just about anything, but some of my popular nicknames are Megs, Meg, Meggy, Lovebug, Squeezebox, Lil Bit, Little Meghan, etc.  My favorite one is probably squeezebox because only my work momma calls me that, and I'm the only one that is squeezebox :)  

So what's the story behind your name? 

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  1. If I was a boy I would have been Ken. My mom usually calls me Jennie-poo.. haha!
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