18 July 2013

Thursday Thursday.

One more day til Friday, whoop whoop! 

I thought I'd just share a few random Thursday thoughts today.  

One of the sweetest girls I know in blogland, Kenz is celebrating her one year blogiversary & is having a giveaway & she asked me to be a part of it, and of course I said YES! 


My aunt & cousins are down visiting again, we're having lots of fun of course! We're laying by the pool & then going to Cascade Bay next week.  We always laugh a lot, so I enjoy having them here.  


It's been hotter than all get out here, and I've been spending as much time in the water as I can.  I hung out with one of my friends from school and we drank and swam in her pool. So much fun.  

So this wasn't much of a post, but I just wanted to update you all on the goings on in my life :D 

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