19 July 2013

One More Day?

I'm sure many of you have heard the song "One More Day" by Diamond Rio, if not, click play above and take a listen.  Whenever I would hear the song, I would say without a doubt, that I would take that extra day with any of my loved ones that have passed away.  

But then I had a dream last night & it got me thinking would I really do it? Would I really be able to spend more time with the ones I loved, knowing that I would have to say goodbye all over again? 

The dream went like this, my Grandma had passed away, we were at her funeral and it was open casket and for whatever reason we had like cloth diaper things that we had spit on to get them wet, and my cousin Amanda and I were up viewing her body and we wiped her face and hands with our cloth diaper things and she wakes up(obviously not dead!) and says hey what's happening? Then my dream cuts to me walking my dog and it gets really stormy really quickly and we get sucked into a tornado & I do the whole duck and cover thing they teach in school and the tornado puts me safely down in a field next to my grandma's house, so I walk into her house and my mom is sitting there and she asks me if I'm happy that we get another chance with Grandma and I say yes, but then my dream self questions it internally and how hard it will be when we have to say goodbye to her again.

 & now it has me really thinking, if I could have another day with my grandma or grandpa or my aunt diana, would I take it? Would I be able to handle having to say goodbye again? My Aunt Jenny made a great point when she said she didn't think she would be able to do it again, the goodbyes would be too hard,  & I think I have to agree with her.  I hold on to all my great memories of my grandparents and cherish them, and now that they are watching down on me.  

If you could have another day with a loved one that's died, would you take it? 

Have a great weekend everyone!  

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  1. That's such a tough question. Initially I would have said YES, of course I'd love more time with my grandparents who've passed. Time is invaluable and being able to visit with them and tell them in person about my life and my kids would be amazing - but, you're right about the saying goodbye part. Knowing you'd only have 24 hours and they would be gone again would be tough!!


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