13 July 2013

I confess...

I confess....

that I have become obsessed with 7th Heaven, again.  Why didn't anybody point out how good looking Matt & Kevin were to me when I was watching the show when it first aired, oh yeah, I was only a young teen.  But holy wow, they are good looking!

that I enjoy playing with the chain in my mouth that the oral surgeon put in there.  It's fun.  I'm not sure my ortho will appreciate me playing with it with my tongue, but guess what I don't care.

that I'm writing this post at 1:30a while watching 7th heaven and playing with the chain in my mouth. 

that storms totally lack the excitement they used to have.  & I hate that.  

That I still cry sometimes when it storms because of Tim, Paul & Carl.  

I also confess that I never realized how much three men I never met could have such an impact on my life.  

I confess that I don't know if I will ever be able to watch the last three seasons of storm chasers without crying.  

I confess that I didn't mean for this post to be all about how I'm not really liking storms anymore.  

I confess that somedays I just want to withdraw and see if  anybody notices.  

I confess that I really am in a chocolate & food in general mood.  #yupitsthatweek

I can't believe I just confessed that.  

I confess that I definitely feel like Lucy Camden most days.  

I confess that I am probably way too excited about the new blanket my mom bought mom yesterday afternoon, and I confess that I'm ending this now before I confess something way too personal.  Oh wait.  Read up four.  That's personal.  


  1. I loved 7th Heaven when I was younger. They need shows like that back on the air.

  2. I love 7th heaven too. it's bothering me that I don't know who kevin is! is that the one lucy married? haha.


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