15 July 2013

One Person.

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"Hi I'm Karen & I'll be your favorite CSM." 

She was so right, and she has become SO much more than just my favorite CSM(Customer Service Manager) at work.  

She has become another mom to me, not that I don't have an awesome mom & stepmom, but Karen is my biggest support system at work & outside of work as well. 

It's been said that in a world of people telling you that you can't, all it takes to change your view is somebody telling you that you can.  

Karen is that somebody for me. 

She inspires me to do my best each and every day, she gives the best hugs and is always willing to let me vent & she listens to my opinions. 

To Karen, thank you for always believing in me & always having my back and being another mom to me.  
I'll always be your little bit & squeezebox & your unofficial third daughter.  
Love you!

I just hope someday, somewhere, I can be that somebody someone looks up to & says, because of you, I didn't quit, I believed I could do it & I did it.  Thank you.

So who's that one person for you?  


  1. I consider my boss to be my mentor, and she knows she is that. Since she does know that she challenges me to be better, to try harder and won't let me submit anything but the best. Having people in your professional life is so important, and I am so glad you have found someone to give you that inspiration.

  2. That is SO sweet. I have a co-worker like this too. I call her my "work mom" she's amazing and makes me feel happy!


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