16 July 2013


Eating: A chocolate chip bagel from Panera! Yummy! 
Listening: Lesson in Leavin' by JoDee Messina.  90s country for the win.  
Looking forward to: August! I have a lot of fun stuff planned! 
On my wish list: Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw & Hunter Hayes tickets. I'll probably get two of the three, Hunter & two others, we'll see though!

Thinking about:
Reading: The blogs I'm behind on! 

Just finished:
 Mom and I listened to Deeper Than the Dead on our way to and from Bemidji, 
Craving: an iced white peppermint mocha.  I'll get one on my way home. 
Wondering: when communication and relationships stopped being two way roads? 
Finished: with my iced coffee I brought from home this morning. 
PS…Thank you Erin & Taylor for the idea!


  1. Whoo looks like you have a few FUN concerts coming up !:)

  2. Iced peppermint mocha sounds amazing!


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