22 July 2013

It Sure is Monday.

I have absolutely nothing interesting to write about today, the only fun thing I did this weekend was go to the fair, otherwise I was working, and this was probably the most stressful weekend I've had since starting three years ago.  So I thought I would do a fun get to know you, here are some random facts about me, type of post! 

Senior pictures--4 years ago..

1) The room has to be completely dark, and my closet and door shut for me to sleep.  

2) I fall asleep easier if Mady's in her bunk below mine. 

3)I love seeing the clock read 12:34

4) I hate the number 66, because my grandpa died unexpectedly at 66, and I hate seeing the number. 

5) Likewise sorta, when I see the number 1788, it reminds me of my other grandparents because that's the last four of their cell number. 

6) Country music is the soundtrack that plays in the background of my life. 

7)I always have at least three tabs open in chrome, right now I have 8.  

8) My cousins are more like brothers and sisters to me than cousins, at least the ones I'm close with. 

9) Army Wives and Nashville are my two favorite shows, Big Brother is my favorite summer show. 

10) I'm the overly proud daughter of a police officer & reading things like this article, make me even prouder & I get teary-eyed reading them!  

Also, it should be noted & celebrated that Jenn at Munchkinland Designs has been in business for FOUR years & is having an awesome giveaway to celebrate, go check it out!

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  1. i am the same way when i go to sleep- i like everything dark and doors shut!

    and so fun that you are really close with your cousins, i have always wanted that for my future family since i didnt really have it through my childhood.


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