30 June 2016

happy list|five

I love posting these lists, they make me remember just how awesome my life is :)

Writing|| My writer's block surrounding my book seems to be gone, and I've been able to add words each day this last week and that makes me pretty dang happy.

When someone knows my family|| Last night at work there must have been something in the water because hello crabby people, but then my last customer of the day totally made my night when we got to talking about pickleball and I said I didn't play personally but my family has two courts and right then and there she was like OMG! You are too young to be his daughter--you're Rich's granddaughter aren't you? Yes, yes I am and yes I agree he is pretty awesome and yes we love him too.  #smalltownlife

Only two this week, but that's okay, nothing too exciting went down this week which I'm totally fine with!!

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