28 June 2016

Two on Tuesday.

Becca does these type of posts every so often on her blog, so I thought it was a good way to share a couple things today that wouldn't normally make up a full blog post!

1| On Friday evening my parents and I made a quick trip up to our cabin to get our camper situated. We stopped at DQ on the way up for an easy linner and grabbed an ice cream treat on the way out. When we got up to the lake, I ditched my parents across the road so they could set up and I could set eyes on one of my favorite places, Pine Lake, somewhere that I hadn't made it up to at all last year & that I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get up there this year either.  I got to joke around with my great uncle John and other extended family members, we sat on the deck for a while and chatted after my parents came over, but unfortunately my Dad worked early Saturday so it was a short trip but still so great to dip my feet in at the end of the dock.

2| I love my tribe, they are pretty bomb ass people. Yesterday was one of those days where life and I were just not seeing eye to eye. One of my friends was supposed to bring me dinner when I had my hour break and ended up being kept late at work and my work momma told me to come tell her by a certain time if the friend didn't show up and we had a miscommunication, so she called me back once she got to her car and was like HEY! This is me scolding you lovingly, if this happens again, make sure you get into my face and tell me your friend didn't come and I'll make sure you either have cash to go get something or you can have my leftovers, which I absolutely love her for. I should have brought a back up if my friend didn't show, but she told me she'd be there for me so I didn't, so grateful for people in my tribe who love me even when I'm a brat and totally unlovable.


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