05 July 2016

Show & Tell-My Tribe

I wasn't going to blog today, but then I saw so many people posting about their tribes for Show & Tell & I just knew I had to share my tribe with you guys, although most of these people you've heard about before, but I thought I'd share them again, because they are AWESOME!

The Bestest|

Jayme and I met our freshmen year of college when we were both part of an online journaling site that is no longer. We laugh together, we cry together, we debate together. She is literally my soulmate in best friend form. I honestly don't know what I would do without her. She's got her own hashtag on my insta, she's my #bestestfortherestest

The Work Mom|

Karen and I have been close ever since I started at work almost six years ago. It all started when she walked up when I was doing my cashier simulation & said I'm going to be your favorite CSM and she was until she came to the service desk and now she's my favorite service desk partner in crime :) She knows me better than anyone other than Jayme & I know she loves me unconditionally, I'm her unofficial youngest daughter, the baby according to her and you don't mess with any of her babies.  She always has my back and supports me no matter what, but also isn't afraid to call me out when I'm in the wrong.  She's also got a hashtag on my insta #lovesqueezebox

The Sister|

Mady and I hated each other when we first met, we just didn't want to be thrown together into a family and it took a couple years, but we started liking each other and even through high school when my Lynn-Mom had to remind us on the regular that when all else and everyone else fails you, your sister will always be there, she truly is one of my best friends and the one who tells me like it is and doesn't mince words. She's the blonde to my brunette, we are #sistersforlifeandbestfriendsforever.

The Blonde Friend|

Missy and I have worked together just as long as Karen and I have, we don't take each other too seriously, but we have fun when we work together and she makes work tolerable even on crazy days. We love giving each other a hard time and we both love to read and watch good TV so we bond over that.

The Lynn-Mom|

Lynn was my best friend all through high school, she has been married to my Dad since I was 9 & although we aren't as close as we once were, I love her for all she did in my life when I needed a shoulder during high school and I know that if I needed her now as well she'd be here for me in seconds.  I'm grateful that I have such a great relationship with my step-mom.

The Best Neighbor Friend|

Trisha and I have just become friends within the last six months, she's obviously my neighbor & always up for some sort of adventure which I love. She's always beating me at Uno Revenge & I'm always begging her to make an after work Taco Bell run for me, so we balance each other out nicely :)

Who's in your tribe?

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