03 May 2016

Ten On Tuesday| Things about Me.

I haven't shared a random facts type of post lately, so I thought I'd do that today.

1| I will not buy a hard copy of a book if the only option available is the one with the movie poster or actors for the cover. I like the original covers.

2| My alarm tone is She Ain't Right by Lee Brice, I still haven't got sick of the song, I still can't listen to way out here by Josh Thompson without laughing though because the song drives Mady crazy because I had it as an alarm tone for a while when we shared a room.

3| If I had to pick a favorite sport to watch, it would be a very close tie between hockey and NASCAR, with baseball coming in a close second.

4| I'm a high feeling, highly emotional person. Most of the time anyway. There's times where I'm like EW. Feelings. Go away.

5| I consider myself pretty good with grammar, but for the life of me can't figure out than/then.

6| I try very hard not to leave a conversation with a loved one without ending with an I love you of some sort.

7| I don't leave home without my earbuds, a book or a notebook & my fitbit.

8| Days of Our Lives is a guilty pleasure of mine. I can't get enough of Patch & Kayla.

9| I've been known to take time on my lunch break to go over to the book section just to get a whiff of the new book smell. #sorrynotsorry

10| I'm very bad at mentally texting a person back and not actually doing it.


  1. I love this list and I love the fact that you leave your house with all of those things, because I do the same!
    I also blogged about 10 things this Tuesday if you want to head on over to my blog and show some love! Happy Tuesday!

  2. I use to watch Days of our Lives all the time because my mom use to record it lol I haven't seen it in years though


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