17 May 2016


found via my That's So Meghan board on Pinterest. 

Loving: my tribe. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you're not going crazy, that your feelings are validated and that you DO matter.  Other times you need them to tell you to get over yourself and put your big girl pants on.  It's all about balance.  

Reading/Watching: I'm getting back on the reading train, I'm reading the Assassins series by Toni Aleo at the moment.  & I'm FINALLY caught up with Grey's because I kept getting bugged by the best friend to catch up so we could talk about it and holy wow it's been good lately! Also Last Man Standing is hilarious. Also x2 This is Us that's going to be on NBC this fall, I will def be watching that. 

Trying to: not lose my cool. Hence why I'm loving my tribe and my work momma especially hard this week, because I am about this close to losing it. #keepingitreal

Wishing: it was cabin time right now. I could use a couple of days away from everyone, hello no cell service a few good books and my WIP. 

Excited for: cabin time and going up north to see my cousin graduate high school in a couple weekends. 


  1. Back away...don't lose your cool! Love you!

  2. The tribe thing is so true.. sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and put on your big girl undies. haha. xoxo


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