18 May 2016


I haven't confessed anything in a while so here goes. I confess..

-that most days, I am running on a mixture of a little energy, a lot of coffee & a can or two of Mountain Dew.

-petty drama drives me absolutely bonkers. If you have something to say, come say it to my face, don't go through two or three different channels to get it to me.

-that I haven't been home to my parents in almost a month and I'm really starting to miss my dogs.

-I had a dream last night that I was a close friend or family member of Deacon's from Nashville and he had just fell off the wagon because of the drama with Rayna and Maddie, he had gone to Frankie's bar that was no longer the Beverly & for whatever reason Frankie called me to come get Deacon and I tried to get him home.  I may have been dreaming as Scarlett, I'm not sure.

-to go along with my last confession, I'm sad that Nashville got cancelled, but I'm really excited that Last Man Standing got renewed.

-that I'm not sure that there's even a confession link-up anymore, but I still like sharing these!

What's one of your confessions?

1 comment:

  1. I'm still sad about Nashville..I just don't get it.


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