16 May 2016


A - Age: 24 as of April 2nd. 

B - Best Day Ever: Hmm. Probably getting to see Garth and George in concert tied with meeting Brantley Gilbert. 

C - Chore You Hate: Putting clothes away.  

D - Drink of Choice: Coffee!

E - Easiest Person to Talk to: My work momma hands down. 

F - Favorite Color: Purple and/or Green. 

G - Gent: My grandpa is one of my favorite  

H - Hobby: Reading, Writing, Concert going & hanging out with my people.  

I - Ice Cream Flavor of Choice: My Lynn-Mom makes a really good coffee ice cream!

J - Job: I work customer service in retail.  

K - Kindest Person You Know: My younger brother Ryan.  

L - Loving: Grey's. I just caught up with the 5 episodes I've been behind.  

M - Music: Oh gosh ... I am a music fanatic! Mostly country music, but I still love jamming out to Gives You Hell & I Write Sins not Tragedies #middleschoolguiltypleasures.  

N - Nickname: Megs, Miss Meghan, Sassypants & Karen has quite a few for me as well, ranging from Squeezebox to little bit and love bug.  

O - One Wish: My one wish is that I could write a book that would change lives.  

P - Person You Talked to on the Phone Last: A customer at work.  

Q - Question You're Always Asked: Are you really 24? I look really young.  

R - Reason to Smile: Because I'm alive and my life is pretty rad.  

S - Season of Choice: FALL!! 

T - Time You Woke up: About 8:30/ 

U - University: I went to a technical school, don't have a degree though. 

V - Vacation Destination: I love going on a weekend getaway to my family's cabin!  

W - Worst Habit: Picking at my face, I hate when I have blackheads that seem to never disappear! #realtalk

X - XRays: My last one was for my mouth for getting my braces off.   

Y - Your Favorite Food: I'm always looking for a good burger. 

Z - Zoo Animal: Giraffes, elephants and monkeys. 

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