03 June 2015

Write or Die Wednesday 1

This is my first time linking up with Mia & company for Write or Die Wednesday, so I'm pretty excited, because I love writing and I love a good link-up!

The current bi-weekly prompt is: recount a time when you were on the top of the world.

It was the last days of April 2014, I had known I would be moving out and into this apartment for the last almost month, but it took time to place my deposit, get the co-signer agreement to go through & then before I knew it, I was signing the lease on my first apartment.

I was going from always being surrounded by my family for the last 22 years to leaving the nest and comfort of everything I knew to make it on my own. Sink or swim, I was doing this.

There was something insanely gratifying about signing that lease and moving out. I loved living with my Dad & Lynn-Mom for the four years that I did after high school graduation, but I absolutely love having my independence and my own place.

& my parents didn't get rid of me completely, I mean, I have to do laundry somewhere, right? :)

Write or Die Wednesdays

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