18 June 2015

You Probably Didn't Know..

I love Helene and I love link-ups so when she announced a one-time link up called You Probably Didn't Know, I hopped on that faster than the 42nd Prez hopped on Monica.  Did I really just make that joke? I think I did. I'm actually writing this Monday night after a cup of coffee, so if that's offensive, #sorrynotsorry

Helene in Between

- that I have a lot of siblings, but only one biological brother, the rest are technically step or halves. Not that I ever introduce them as such. 

-that I can only smell certain things and only if the smell is very strong. It's due to the scar tissue in my nasal cavity. 

-that I am very sweet and loving, but if you mess with my family, I won't throw the first punch so to speak, but I will throw the last. 

-that there are only two people I tell everything to and I wouldn't know what to do without either one of them, and I hope I don't find out what I'd do without either one of them for a very long time. 

-that I went to school for court reporting, but decided it wasn't for me. 

-that I really love my handwriting. 

-that I have plenty of tattoo ideas, I just need to figure out which one I want first & schedule an appointment!

what's something we probably don't know about you? 

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