17 June 2015


I confess that I'm overly excited to go up to Bemidji for the weekend. After my hometown, Bemidji is my second favorite town. So many memories!

I confess that I talk to myself quite frequently when I'm by myself, is that normal?

I confess that I often drink coffee too late at night and then wonder why I can't sleep.

I confess that I'm surprised I've blogged every day this week, when last week it was a hot mess up in here.

I confess that I'm way more excited than I should be to get to eat at two of my favorite places tomorrow. Lunch date with Karen at Taco John's since we don't work together til Monday since I'm out of town and Dave's Pizza up in Bemidji for dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousins, it's a family-owned pizza place that both my mom and aunt worked at while they were in school.

I confess that I have become readdicted to Pinterest. & I'm the kind of pinner who goes through each person's pins and then on to the next person's. Because I'm weird like that.

What's something you're confessing?

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