05 June 2015

A Few of my Favorite Things

▵ Place: My favorite place would have to be Bemidji. My mom's whole family lives up there & I love the small town feel. I love getting to visit my cousins and aunt and uncle & take in dinner at Dave's Pizza where 
▵ Person: Toss-up between Karen & Jayme. Jayme because we can be old enough to know better & young enough not to care together & she just gets me. Karen because she's my third momma & the one who gets to deal with me in all of my glory at work & away from work as well. 
▵ Color: I don't really have one, but if I had to choose gun to my head it'd be Purple. Or Green. 
▵ Book: If I again just had to choose one, it'd be the Ryan White book. 
▵ Movie: Twister. Followed closely by 8 Seconds. 
▵ Music Artist: George Strait, Garth Brooks & Brantley Gilbert. 
▵ Genre of music: Country for sure. 
▵ Genre of literature: Women's fiction & memoirs. 
▵ Time of day: When I can watch the sunset off of my balcony. 
▵ Day of the week: I really love Sundays for whatever reason. 
▵ Blog: My tribe for sure--Jayme's, Lora's & Rachael's are three of my never miss posts kind of blogs. 
▵ Thing to do when bored: READ! 
▵ Drink: Coffee or a sex on the beach if I'm out drinking with friends. 
▵ Animal: Monkeys & giraffes. 
▵ TV show: Army Wives hands down. I haven't watched in awhile, I may need to get my fix here soon. 
▵ Fruit: Bananas + strawberries. 
▵ Article of clothing you own: My ratty old BSU sweatshirt. 
▵ Quote: I myself am made entirely of flaws stitched up with good intentions. 
▵ Boy’s name: James & Andrew. 
▵ Girl’s name: Lauren Adele. Lyndsay Ann. 
▵ Season: I love Fall. 
▵ Thing about yourself: That I don't know the word no. When someone tells me I can't it motivates me to show them I can and I will. 

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