16 June 2015

To my Bestest.

Oh hey best friend,

So today's your birthday, yayyyy! For the next 9.5 months we will both be 23, so that's awesome!

I didn't have any overly pressing, overly exciting things to blog about, so you get a letter because it's YOUR BIRTHDAY!

Maybe next year we can hang out together for one of our birthdays, that would be pretty bomb.com yeah?

Thank you for never judging me when I text you things that a normal person that isn't you or I would judge us for, for always being there for me even if you're a state away.

I honestly couldn't imagine my life without you as my sidekick, hard to believe this our fourth year celebrating birthdays together & that we will have been friends for five years coming up in the fall.

For always being a better person to me than Cristina is to Meredith, for always being the Denise to my Claudia Joy, I love you and I really hope you have an ultra fantabulous birthday with HH.

& in true best friend fashion, your birthday present will be late, but I pinky promise it'll be worth it!

love you!


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