02 December 2014


...reading all the blogs I'm behind on.  

...watching, one of my CSMs recommended Rookie Blue. I need to catch up on Nashville & Chicago Fire as well!   

...trying to get over this cold that I've got going on. 

...eating nothing at the moment.   

...pinning lots of random things.  

...tweeting nothing too interesting as of late. 

...going to do absolutely nothing that requires me going outside these next two days. 

...loving life.  

...discovering that I can work 11 days in a row without going completely crazy!  

...enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning. 

...thinking about how I have over six months til my next concert :(   

...feeling stuffed up.  

...hoping that I can survive the Christmas season at work without going completely insane. 

...listening to Pandora 


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