29 December 2014

Grateful Heart V.4

I'm back for my fourth week of Grateful Heart with Emily, this may be my favorite way to start the week, it makes me see just how much I've been blessed with!

my work momma//I would be so lost without this amazing woman.  She's not perfect, but not one of us is, but she's one that I can count on for a needed heart to heart or a good laugh.  We make a good team her & I. & I wouldn't be who I am without her love, advice & support.

the flashlight on my iphone//I've been waking up in the middle of the night lately & it's nice not having to turn on all my lights just to get a drink of water ;)

my family//Over the last week, I spent 95% of my time at my parents, which is why the blog has been bare, spending time with my loved ones, especially grandparents will always trump my online presence #sorrydefinitelyNOTsorry.  They leave to go back to Arizona on New Years Eve and then they'll be gone until May again.

traditions//My grandma and grandpa and parents and my brother Ryan always come pick me up on Christmas Eve whooping it up, jingling bells, my brother had a goose call this year & just embarrassing me all in good fun when they arrive.  We then go look at Christmas lights.  Christmas Day starts with reading the story of Jesus' birth & then we open presents.  I usually head to my mom's at some point during the school Christmas vacation, but my days off just haven't worked with their plans yet, so hopefully within the first few weeks of January I can head out there.

Hope you all had a wonderful week of Christmas, I'm excited for the last few days of 2014 & all that 2015 has to offer!

Ember Grey: Grateful Heart

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  1. It is great you have gotten time to spend with your family and simply enjoy their company. That's what I like most about this time of year that has recently past. I look forward to the new year, I hope you continue to enjoy your family and are able to get out to see your mom. :)


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