11 December 2014

30 before 30

I have failed miserably multiple times at the the 101 in 1001 craze, so I'm going to try something new, the thirty before thirty, which I realized was closer for me then 13 is.  I of course shared that little tidbit with Jayme, so we both are feeling a little old.

1. Fall In Love.

2. Publish a Book//This one ties into my ultimate dream which is to have a book on the bestsellers' list.

3. Get a Tattoo//Many ideas for this one, just have to nail down the one I want first.

4. Finish a Coloring Book.

5. Adopt a rescue weim//Everyone knows how much I love my Coop baby && I want one of my own!

6. Get my Goodreads to 1500//I'm at 172 I believe at last check.

7. Ride a Mechanical Bull.

8. Go to Nashville//This has been on my to-do list ever since I was 15 or 16.

9. Go skydiving.

10. No soda for a month. 

11. Become a Partner in Hope//this one actually is already in motion.

12. Complete NaNoWriMo//this probably should have been before publish a book, but oh well.

13. Have 1500 posts on They Call Her Meghan.

14. Go on a cruise.

15. Have a no-spend month.

16. Get my braces off//I have most definitely hit that point where I want them off!

17. Read the Bible cover-to-cover. 

18. Put $5000 into savings

19. Treat myself something expensive//Ipad, coach purse, new computer, SOMETHING!

20. Be able to plank for ten minutes straight. 

21. Go to ten new concerts.

22. Start & keep a journal//Yes I have this blog, but I want something that is just for my eyes only & I can possibly give my hypothetical daughter down the road.

23. Move someplace new.

24. Go to Vegas.

25. Go see the National Finals Rodeo

26. Watch AFI's 100 years....100 movies

27. Write 50 handwritten letters.

28. Make 50 vlogs. 

29. Write my will//This isn't morbid much is it?

30. Go 24 hours Media free.  

A few of these are more open-ended, but most of them are pretty cut and dry.  Do you have a bucket list of sorts? Leave me a link to it and I will go check it out!!


  1. Good luck with your goals! I just started ad 101 in 1001 and hope to be able to stick it out.

  2. I forgot to put no-spend month on mine! I should change one. Also, I bet you could ride a mechanical bull in Nashville. ;) I <3 Nashville (now that I've finally been)

  3. Write your will?! LOL WHUT. Love this list!

  4. What a FUN list! Yes, you should totally go on a cruise!

  5. Such a great list!!! Good luck with it all =)

  6. I love this list! Lots of exciting things ahead of you.
    Nashville is AMAZING!!!!! I’m ready to go back. The no soda for a month would
    be so hard for me. Diet Dr. Pepper is my coffee on most days!! Vegas is fun too! And I definitely want to go
    to the NFR!!

  7. I love your blog! I'm so happy I stumbled upon it :) This list is fantastic, and I hope you get through all of them :)



  8. I've wanted to go to the NFR ever since I was first introduced to the movie 8 seconds and then researched all about Lane Frost and I've got the itch to go see the finals live!

  9. Morbid isn't it? But I saw it on somebody else's and I thought y'know what? That's a good idea, because I don't want my family fighting over what I would want if something were to happen to me,like a Terri Schiavo case or something of that nature. I'm a weird old soul type of person.

  10. I still think we need to take a road trip there together before you have kids!


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