05 December 2014

Fun Facts.

Nicknames people call me//
Anything from Megs to little bit to Miss Meghan. 

Favorite thing in my house//
I love my couches, they were my grandparents' before they were mine and there have been many memories sitting on these couches in their living room.

Pet peeves//
when people don't follow through among other things. 

Worst habit//

Go-to drink//
Sex on the beach or a mudslide

First celebrity crush//
Dean McDermott.

My guilty pleasure//
Spending a copious amount of time on Pinterest. 

Three all time favorite TV shows//
Greys, Army Wives & Friends.

Fictional character you would want as your best friend//
Roxy LeBlanc or Meredith Grey. 

If you could take only one candy to a desert island//
Reese's cups.  


  1. Hubs? Meghan is there something you need to tell us?


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