12 December 2014

They (Usually) don't call me Meghan.

Whoa. Hold the phone, what do you mean, they usually don't call me Meghan? Has my blog been a lie the whole time? No, my name really is Meghan, I pinky promise you that! But so many people have nicknames for me that, I usually only hear my name when I'm in trouble or someone is upset with me.  

So what do people call me then?

Miss Meghan//My momma calls me this, my front end manager calls me this sometimes, and random acquaintances call me this at random. 

Megs//Most of my mom's family calls me this, mostly my Aunt Jenny and her family, along with my little sister Olivia. My younger brother Ryan calls me this sometimes too. 

Meggy//This is one that I really cannot stand, but I tolerate it from a select few, my Grandpa Gray was the only one to call me this for the longest time, then my Grandma H calls me this sometimes, not lately though & Mady calls me this sometimes too.  I had a cashier call me this on my way out of work the other day with Karen and I told her not to call me that, and Karen's like whoa, what did she call you? I said Meggy, she's like oh ick. I'm like yeah.  

#2//This one probably has you thinking bathroom duties, but it's actually a nickname one of my managers gave me because I told her she was my second favorite and then I got a second job and my employee number was 2, so that's what Renee calls me.  She also calls me Boss.  

Squeezebox//This is something that only Karen is allowed to call me because she's the one that came up with it & I'm the only one she calls this. I feel quite special that I have my own nickname.  She also calls me little one, little bit, lovebug & shadow.  

Do you have a nickname? Is there something people try calling you and you have no part of it? 


  1. I have no nicknames. :( Other than like James. Or Shelby. I tried to get JaySue to stick for a while, then realized it was dumb and nobody was actually calling me it. I really WANT a nickname though. Silly first name.

    Cute post!

  2. Pshtt. You are Bestest in my phone if that counts?


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