28 April 2013

You May Be A Police Officer's Daughter...

As some of you may know, I am the daughter of a police officer.  The one who has been with the same police department since I was a year and a half. 

You may be a police officer's daughter if....

you remember telling your dad "be careful daddy!" every time he left for work from when you were a baby to up until you started school.

you have the utmost respect for any person in uniform, whether it be a police officer, state trooper, or firefighter.  

when you see flashing lights behind you, you automatically assume the person you are riding with will move over a lane or slow WAY down. 

you understand that when your dad leaves in the morning, it doesn't mean he's coming home at night. 

you breathe a sigh of relief when your Dad tells you he bid for days, which you know may be more boring than powers, but it's also a lot safer. 

you immediately tear up when you hear of an officer who has served his end of watch. 

you cry ugly tears while reading the officer down memorial page.  

you thank God every evening when he makes it home in one piece. 

you can't fold his uniform pants just the way he likes them, even if you've been shown how 100 times. 

that 90% of his laundry that you do has his department insignia on it.  

that you are never more proud of your dad then when he receives a statewide honor, but he knows you are always proud of him. 

that you don't put up with when people put down police officers, because these will be the same people calling for them in their time of need & taking away precious time from his family.  


  1. As the wife of a volunteer fireman I totally understand this. Once a person wrote a letter to the small town local paper complaining about the speed at which the firemen arrived to the station and their speed in responding to fire scenes. I was not quite this polite when I informed him to give us his address and if he ever needed us we would be sure to obey the lights, speed limits and all to get to him.. Needless to say he quickly printed a retraction to his previous letter.

  2. I had no idea your dad was a cop! That's so awesome. He's a brave, good man!

  3. I am an officers wife and completely understand everything you just posted. Having an officer as a family member can be difficult because majority of the time people do not understand. I've lost many friends because of comments they made about law enforcement and/or ff/military/etc.

    Your comment about hanging up his pants made me laugh until i cried. I have been married to Brett for 7 years and I still don't hang up his pants, LOL!! Also, not sure if you help your Daddy with his laundry but I dread doing laundry after Brett comes home from the range. I find bullets. ;)

    Take Care and tell your Daddy thanks for keeping everyone safe!
    Mandy Jean


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