22 April 2013

What My Loved Ones say about Me!

I saw this on Becky's blog last week & knew I had to join in, so I asked some of my best girls to give me three to five facts!

Jayme Sue

We met on a different "journal" site about 2 or 3 years ago, and this girl is one of my best friends and just rocks my socks off!

What she said is:

-you'd do anything to help a friend
-you're perfect for live texting books to(author's note: we tweeted/texted our way through "Safe Haven")
-you're super fun to talk to!


Veronica and I met on the same "journaling" site that Jayme and I did, and we've been friends for over five years, and I love her like the older sister I never had!

-you're an awesome text buddy to watch movies with(author's note: we have movie best friend date nights, usually we watch Twister, we can quote it back & forth & yeah :)
-you're the coolest weather nut I know(author's note again: I have a thing for severe weather, and V shares that thing lol.)
-you're beautiful inside AND out.


So guess what? I met Liz on the same site that I met Jayme & V, I swear I have in real life friends too!

-you have a huge and gigantic heart and will never judge anyone for their beliefs or choices
-You have an open mind and are willing to talk about literally anything.(author's note: I do really try to see things from all sides before taking sides)
-you can be trusted with anyone's deepest secrets and will keep it to yourself(author's note: I think this is probably the greatest thing I can be told. When you tell me something, I will keep it in the strictest confidence until you tell me it's okay to share with others.)
-When it comes to advice or cheering someone up, you will help anyone to the best of your ability.
-Did I mention that you have a huge heart? Not only is it huge, but if anyone could SEE your heart, it would be one of the most beautiful hearts ever!!!

& lastly, but certainly not leastly,

Now, Nessa & I, we go back to the start of court reporting school, the brat left me there by myself though!  She's my hoeface & I love her dearly!

-I like your personality & how strong you are!
-You don't let your appearance affect who you are & work your ass off!
-You're a good friend and honest!

Thanks to my four main ladies for doing this for me! Love you all!


  1. What an awesome idea!!!

  2. Aww, so sweet of them! Seems like y'all are all very good friends!


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