22 April 2013

What My Loved Ones say about Me!

I saw this on Becky's blog last week & knew I had to join in, so I asked some of my best girls to give me three to five facts!

Jayme Sue

We met on a different "journal" site about 2 or 3 years ago, and this girl is one of my best friends and just rocks my socks off!

What she said is:

-you'd do anything to help a friend
-you're perfect for live texting books to(author's note: we tweeted/texted our way through "Safe Haven")
-you're super fun to talk to!


Veronica and I met on the same "journaling" site that Jayme and I did, and we've been friends for over five years, and I love her like the older sister I never had!

-you're an awesome text buddy to watch movies with(author's note: we have movie best friend date nights, usually we watch Twister, we can quote it back & forth & yeah :)
-you're the coolest weather nut I know(author's note again: I have a thing for severe weather, and V shares that thing lol.)
-you're beautiful inside AND out.


So guess what? I met Liz on the same site that I met Jayme & V, I swear I have in real life friends too!

-you have a huge and gigantic heart and will never judge anyone for their beliefs or choices
-You have an open mind and are willing to talk about literally anything.(author's note: I do really try to see things from all sides before taking sides)
-you can be trusted with anyone's deepest secrets and will keep it to yourself(author's note: I think this is probably the greatest thing I can be told. When you tell me something, I will keep it in the strictest confidence until you tell me it's okay to share with others.)
-When it comes to advice or cheering someone up, you will help anyone to the best of your ability.
-Did I mention that you have a huge heart? Not only is it huge, but if anyone could SEE your heart, it would be one of the most beautiful hearts ever!!!

& lastly, but certainly not leastly,

Now, Nessa & I, we go back to the start of court reporting school, the brat left me there by myself though!  She's my hoeface & I love her dearly!

-I like your personality & how strong you are!
-You don't let your appearance affect who you are & work your ass off!
-You're a good friend and honest!

Thanks to my four main ladies for doing this for me! Love you all!


Drop me a comment, I'll make sure to check out your blog ♥

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