18 April 2013

It's Okay

It's Okay...

...that I haven't linked up in forever.  Okay, I lied, that is NOT okay!

...that my stepmomma makes kickass homemade pizza, almost as good as my stepdad's.

...that my bloglovin count is over 2000, yep, I lied again, that's not okay!

...that I'm addicted to Preachers' Daughters and re-runs of Army Wives

...that I have a major celeb crush on Blake Shelton, even if he didn't tweet me on my birthday. 

...that I also have a huge crush on Brian McNamara(the guy who plays Michael Holden on Army Wives)

....that my brain is filled with mostly country music lyrics.  

...that I recognized a doctor on Army Wives as the guy who played Martin Hudson in 8 seconds

...that I've watched 8 seconds so many times that I can recognize a minor character in the movie on another show.  

So what's okay with you?

Link up with my girls Amber & Neely and let us know!
Its Ok Thursdays


  1. NOT OK that you havent linked up :)

  2. I have been watching/catching up with Preacher's Daughters too, love it! That gal Taylor, she is crazy!


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