25 April 2013

It's Okay

It's Okay...

to not believe it's actually gonna be in the 70's tomorrow, especially considering my front yard looked like this Monday:

to want to slap some of your sisters friends, but at the same time realize, that sometimes you have to let her fall on her face before she realizes how they treat her. 

to really feel like you are being clothed in blessings by the blog world lately.  

to have changed my father/daughter dance song once again, I kept Cinderella for 3 years or something, but Daddy, Dance with Me by Krystal Keith(Toby Keith's daughter) is my top pick now, not that I'm anywhere near being married, I kind of need a man for that ;)

to feel so cool when you realize you can reply to alerts on your lock screen by just sliding the little icon across the alert.  

to share the random things that rattle around in my brain on twitter, if you want in on the craziness, my handle is @theycallhermeg

to become addicted to Dragonplay Poker on your Iphone, thank you Lynn ;)

So what's okay with you this week?
Link up & let everyone know!
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  1. I was so proud when I discovered that about the alert icon, I realized it accidentally!

  2. I felt the same way about my sister's friends when we were younger. I just let her learn on her own too, even though it's easier said than done.

    Thanks for linking up, sweet girl!

  3. Bleh... I had to drive in that snow Monday night on my way home from clinical. It was NOT fun! No way did I expect to have to drive in snow with these clinicals in April! But sunshine & seventies are coming our way! WOO!


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