30 April 2013

Never Ever Ever

Neely must seriously be a mind reader, because as soon as I saw her post called Never Ever Ever, I knew I wanted to do a post of my own like it, and not an hour later, I saw that she had posted a link up for it, a one-time link-up!


Never Ever Ever...

Will you hear me say, no, let me get up an hour earlier. 

Will I turn down a chance to see George Strait in concert, or Blake Shelton.

Will I like the taste of beer

Will I say Nah, I don't want that Mike's Hard Black Cherry

Will you hear me say, I don't want to take a picture of that, my Instagram has too many pictures on it. 

Will I turn down an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with Lynn. 

Will I let my friends be put down or talked about behind their backs without standing up for them. 

I will never ever ever miss a chance to spend time with my grandparents. 

Will you see me turn down a white chocolate mocha(iced or hot) from Starbucks OR Caribou

What will you Never Ever Ever do/say?  

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