04 April 2013


Two days ago, my twenty-first birthday, today, my Dad and Stepmom's anniversary.  

Twelve years ago, they were down in Jamaica getting hitched!

Happy Anniversary to the best Dad and Stepmom a girl could ask for! 

Thanks for the teaching me that love is a choice.  Marriage takes work, but it's fun.  Thanks for showing me it's not all roses, but some thorns too, but when you have someone that loves you, no thorn is too big.  

Thanks for showing me tough love and that you need to work hard so you can play hard! 

Happy Anniversary, I love you both!  


  1. Happy Anniversary to your Dad & Stepmom! "Love is a choice" So right & wise!

  2. So sweet! And so right--love is hard work, but so, so worth the effort.


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