15 April 2013

Remembering Dreams.

The last few nights, I've had a few good dreams that I actually remember, which is kinda crazy for me, cause once I wake up, they're usually gone.

But a few nights ago, I had a dream about a dinner that went wrong and I wasn't able to help my stepmomma by giving her the Heimlich maneuver, so my Dad had to step in and help

& then last night, last night's was a little bit happier, I was doing an Army training exercise(too much Army Wives perhaps?), and I came upon a weimeraner puppy, who was more brownish than silver, and the cutest thing ever.  He wouldn't come all the way with me, but whenever I called Puppy? Puppy? He came & I woke up after he climbed in my lap! 

Have you had any dreams that you remember lately?  

1 comment:

  1. Sadly, I haven't had any good dreams lately. Nor do I remember any of them. the puppy dream was cute, wish I could dream like that hehe.


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