29 March 2013


So I have nothing big to talk about today, just a few smaller things, so I figured I would do a rundown of what's been on my mind in the week since I have posted!  

One.  It's been warmer in good ol' Minnie this week, but we're in the brown grass/melting snow/mud phase of winter becoming spring & it's not pretty, but at least we're getting there. right?  I'm pining for summer, where I can run away to my aunt and uncle's cabin up in Brainerd, and just soak up everything that cabin life entails!  

Two. Last night, we threw my Aunt Elisa a surprise 40th birthday, where I got milk spilled all over me when my 1-year-old cousin, Grady dumped his cup, why yes, I do know how to party like crazy, it was at Brunswick Zone in Blaine, I would not recommend the bar/grille there, service was horrible! We waited at least a half hour, closer to 45 minutes for our food and our server never came to check on us.  The arcade was a blast though, even if I did get a foam ball to the eye when one of my cousins or brother shot me, my fault that my safety goggles fell down though!

Three. Wednesday after school, my mom and sister drove up from B-ville to take me out to dinner at Perkins, since I hadn't seen them in awhile, and I am 6 days away from 21(four now!), and they gave me a kids menu, didn't ask me, just gave me one!  I texted my stepmom, and I was like should I be offended? She's like no, but you're gonna get weird stares this time next week, when you order a sex on the beach with your kids menu! 

Four.  FOUR days until my birthday!  I don't have any big plans, but I think dinner is in order, and I have the entire day off, so I don't have to do anything I don't want to :)

Five.  Blake Shelton's new album came out this week, and I'm obsessed!  I can't even pick a favorite song off of it!  I'm going to try and get him to tweet me on my birthday, if you wanna join in, I'm gonna tweet something like this: @blakeshelton, It's my 21st Birthday, I don't think you'll tweet me back, but it'd sure be cool if you did!  

Six.  I was talking to Lynn a few nights ago, and did you know it's no longer PC to call the Easter bunny, the Easter bunny or Easter eggs?  They're now to be called Academic Bunnies and Academic eggs.  *eyeroll* I will be still wishing people a Happy Easter!  

Have a great Easter & enjoy your Academic Egg Hunts *wink*  

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  1. yayyyy for almost being 21, and i would love to see you order a drink after she handed you a kids menu!


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