07 March 2013

it's okay!

Its Ok Thursdays

it's okay that I miss my Grandma tonight as much as I did a year ago, when I got the call that she left us for Heaven.  

it's okay that my dogs sometimes drive me nuts, but I love them like crazy!

it's okay that I've been a bum all of Spring Break.  

it's okay that I was a little sad that Nashville wasn't new last night.

it's okay to have loved your acrylics, but think your nails need a breather, and want them off like yesterday!

it's okay to not miss high school and all the drama it entails, one iota.  

have you linked up yet?  Neely & Amber are giving something awesome away when you do :)  

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  1. I have alot of those girls in my reader too, such good blogs! :)


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