09 March 2013


Happy Birthday to my Grandma B. today! Love you!  

I may or may not have stolen this from Jenn...just sayin'

5 things ...
... you will find in my purse
1. my stella+dot clutch, which holds my phone & bank card, along with any cash I might have.
2. lipbalm-I love the eos ones!  
3. hand lotion - I've got my baja breeze? I think that's what it's called from bath&body works.  
4. receipts- I seem to have a breeding ground for receipts in my purse!
5. headphones- I listen to music on my breaks and on my lunch at work.  
... you will find in my bedroom
1. Chloe's kennel
2. my DVD collection
3. tons of clothes
4. books
5. whatever Ryan doesn't feel like putting away in his room.  
... I've always wanted to do
1. open my own coffee shop/bookstore
2. move out on my own
3. get married
4. Visit Atlantis in the Bahamas
5. become a Blake Shelton groupie, I think it'd be fun to follow a tour all across the country! 
... I'm currently loving
1. my custom made ringtone that my cousin made me, it's a clip from a video I did of Mady sucking helium.
2. the abovementioned stella+dot wallet!
3. Blogging, I go through periods of not wanting to write, but I'm in a good streak of just going with the flow
4. warmer temps
5. country music.  
... quirks I have
1. I hate whistling - just annoying y'all<---- agree="" jenn="" nbsp="" on="" p="" this="" with="">
2. I have a limited sense of smell, because of scar tissue in my nasal cavity because of my surgeries.  
3. I love buying notebooks, even if I have 20 unused ones at home...luckily I usually just buy the plain jane ones for only cents.  
4. I have to sleep with the door shut, completely, and I sleep much better if Mady is her bunk, she's been staying at her friend's house while my parents are out of town, and I haven't slept the best.  
5. I can sing the ABCs backwards :)

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  1. I've been to the Atlantis in the Bahamas, it's beautiful! and I'm with ya on the Blake Shelton groupie -that'd be awesome, he's hysterical!


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