07 March 2013

I Love You Like A Love Song ♥

Erin from Living In Yellow, y'know her right? If not, click the image below & meet her!
She had this awesome idea to spread the blogger love by confessing our blog crushes, so heree we go! 

This feels like some sort of awards show acceptance speech where I'm gonna miss someone important, but just know that I love all of my bloggy friends, these were just the ones that came to my mind mmk?

Raven from Don't Quote The Raven
"you either love her or you love her"

Raven is the blogger you wish you were, honest, real, down-to-earth, I love her.

Jenn from Knee Deep in Munchkinland

Jenn always keeps it real, whether it be about her marriage, her kids, or her relationship with her 3 sisters, I always leave her blog with a grateful heart.

Aubrey from The Kinch Life

Aubrey is beautiful inside and out, she's genuine & sweet, her blog showcases her day-to-day life with her hubby, her stepson Drake, & their pup Brutus.  I think my favorite thing about her? How she seems to be an awesomesauce stepmomma, just like my own!

A Complete Waste of Makeup

Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup
Oh what to say about Neely?  She honestly is my blogging mentor & I don't even think she knows it, if I have what seems like a good blog idea? I bounce it off her, I have a stupid blog question, I ask her.  & she has always been gracious enough to not laugh at me & get back to me quick.  I love her & her blog!

Brunch With Amber

Amber from Brunch with Amber
There is just something about Amber, that I know if we lived anywhere near each other, we'd be really good friends, she's sweet & sassy, and she just rocks my socks off!

Savanah from What Makes Savanah Smile
Savanah's blog always makes me smile.  Her kitties are adorable, her personality and happiness are infectious & her blog is just awesome, point.blank.period.

honorable mentions go to

Living in Yellow
Perfectly Imperfect Jenn
The Princess Diaries
Broken & Beautiful
With Gratitude(who happens to be the first Jenn's sister)
Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles

so who is your blog crush?

link up with Erin & let her know!


  1. You are so sweet Meghan!!!! THank you!!!!

  2. Thank YOU Meghan! You're sooo sweet :)

  3. ah Meghan you are too sweet! Thank you for including me and for your sweet words!! Even if you do think I look like Bev Mitchell, lol!!! Just kidding, Ive been compared to worse, like that train wreck Brandi from Storage Wars haha!!!! love you!!!!!!!

  4. You're so sweet but you already know how much I adore you!!


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