06 March 2013


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  • Lynn thought she was being cute asking if she could use my butterfly luggage...I was like 12 when I got that luggage, thankyouverymuch! 
  • He misses his momma, too bad she didn't bring him to Arizona with her! I bet he would have fit into my butterfly luggage.
  • Lynn thought it would be a good idea to give Chloe a rubber ducky as a play toy, her words, they're indestructible, I would have to beg to differ!
  • These two, get into tons of trouble, but they're my babies, so they get away with it...most of the time(please ignore the dirty windows!)
  • Cooper & Chloe cuddling on our snow day yesterday
  • Daddy & I, one of my first MN Twins games.
  • He is so adorable! Love him! 
  • Mady & Ryan from mid 2000's I would say.
  • My Grandma & Grandpa on one of their very first dates, in a county fair photo booth.  
  • All of us girl cousins except for my sister Olivia and my Uncle Craig's girls the weekend of my Grandpa's funeral, 2006. 
  • My Granny, my cousins Sarah & Andrea, and my sister Liv with my Grandma, 2010, I believe.
  • One of the last pictures we have of my Granny & Grandpa together, my cousin's wedding, 2005. 

  • All of us girl cousins with my Granny, summer of '02, I believe.   
  • This lacrosse sweatshirt is my brother Ryan's, he is 11, I'm almost 21, and it fits the both of us.
  • I look over, ask Mady what she's doing, and her response is, "snapchatting with my friends."
  • This is me, this is real. Love me or hate me, I don't care, because from now on, I'm doing me.
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  1. love this <3 i need to start doing some of these and get back in the blogging world.


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