21 January 2013

We Sign our Cards & Letters BFF.

serious kudo points if you know what song that is from! 

tonight, I wanna talk about my one of my best friends, who I met on thee interwebs a few years back. 

The bestest on the right with Renee Yohe, lead singer of Bearcat!  

her name's jayme, but I call her the bestest :)

She's the person I got to for just about anything, and I know she will give me her honest opinion no matter what, & I love her for it!  

she's a book nerd for life like me & she doesn't give herself enough credit, but she is just plain awesomesauce, she's going to drake to become a teacher, but she's getting lots of endorsements, because she doesn't have any limits on her dreams.  

She is passionate about many things, but probably the thing she is most passionate about outside of her fiance, family & friends, is TWLOHA & she inspires me all the time to take a stand for what I believe in!

Jayme Sue, you are my best friend, even if we don't talk as much as we'd like and we might not always see eye to eye, I know you are always here for me & I'm so thankful for that! I hope to meet you IRL ASAP!  

Love you!  

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  1. Girl, this is the bestest thing ever. (: You just made my day. And I really need to get back into writing and make my blog look cute. I'd steal this from you if I could. ;) I like what you said about me "Not having limits on my dreams". That's genius and I'm going to start saying that when people ask why I do so much. <3 Love you!


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