20 January 2013

On My Mind.

This might be a little or maybe a lot random, but bear with me, mmk?

I probably should be asleep right now, since y'know I work at 7 tomorrow morning, but instead I'm blogging. Priorities people priorities!  

So butthead broke up with Mady last night, and to say I'm happy, probably makes me sound like a completely horrible sister, but she deserved so much better!  

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with the fam and a few of Ryan's friends tonight, it was good. 

Work is going good, service desk drama is at a high right now, people lying straight to my face, people talking crap about me, but y'know what, I'm done with it.  I am trying a lot harder lately to just let it be, if they hate me fine, but I must not suck as horribly as some of my coworkers say I do, because I have no management complaints do I? No, I do not.  

I just realized I'm gonna be at my mom's three of the next four weekends, this weekend it'll just be for shiz & giggles, the weekend after is Super Bowl, gonna be at home the weekend after that, and the weekend after that is GEORGE friggin STRAIT!  To say I'm excited would be an understatement!  

& I think I'm gonna do an accent vlog, since Liz asked about my accent and has been bugging me to vlog!  I should have that up within the week! 

All right, I am hitting the hay since 6am is going to come awfully quick! 

Love to everyone!  

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