19 January 2013

A to Z of me.

I've seen this floating around, so I thought it would be a good Saturday post...

AGE = 20.  I'll be 21 on April 2nd.  I don't know how that happened, but the years from 18 to 21 sure have flown!  

BED SIZE = Double.  Top bunk.  I share a room with my 17 year old sister.  It works for us :)  

CHORE YOU HATE = Cleaning the tub, and secondarily, putting away folded laundry. 

DOGS = I have three, Leader, Cooper & Chloe.  Leader is a beagle and lives at my mom's house, Cooper is a weimaraner & Chloe is a golden retriever, the last two are often on my instagram feed

ESSENTIAL START TO YOUR DAY =  Taking a couple of minutes to wake myself up, I usually check my phone as well.  

FAVORITE COLOR = I really like the combos of pink & brown.  & pink just by itself.  

GOLD OR SILVER =  I like white gold.  

HEIGHT = 5' on a good day.  

JOB TITLE = Wally World customer service!  

KIDS = I want them in the future!  

LIVE = Elk River, Minnesnowta.  

MARRIED = Again I want to get married, I may have told my stepmom the other day, I don't want to play the dating game, I don't want to have the relationship drama, I want to find God's match for me, more wham bam thank you ma'am.  Her response? So an arranged marriage? We can make that happen.  I love her :)  Not to say I think marriage is going to be easy, I know that's not the case.  

NICKNAMES =   Megs, Meggy, Lil' Meghan, Little Bit, Squeeze Box(these three are work nicknames given to me by my supervisors :D), Trouble, Mady & I had a ton of nicknames for each other while I was in high school, the kind of stuff that only sisters come up with lol.  I was TUPAC(total utter piece a crap) & she was Princess(still is.), Dumbnut & Dipstick, Legs & Pause, Steve & Kissimmee.  etc, etc.  

OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS = Lots.  I've had five or six major surgeries and spent most of July 1998 in Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.  

PET PEEVE = Continued pessimism, talking in circles, liars, etc etc.  

QUOTE = You may be one in millions, but to someone you're a million in one.  

SIBLINGS =  I have a stepbrother Nik (22), two stepsisters Rebekka (18) & Mady (17), a brother Matt (17), two half brothers Zak (12) & Ryan (11), and a half sister Olivia (9).  Nik & Rebekka are my stepdad's, Mady is my stepmom's, Zak & Olivia are my mom and stepdad's and Ryan is my Dad & stepmom's together. 

TIME YOU WAKE UP =  It honestly depends on the day.  


VEGGIES YOU DISLIKE = Green Beans & beets if those are vegetables.  

WHAT MAKES YOU RUN LATE = Oversleeping more than likely.  

X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD = Teeth, head, when I broke my ankle when I was 4.  

YUMM FOOD =  Anything that my Grandma H makes. 

ZOO FAVORITE ANIMAL = Monkeys and the giraffes.


  1. I love your quote! :) And I'm with you - I remember hating the dating part and just wanting to find someone to marry right off the bat:)

  2. Ooooo! Do you have a Minnesota accent???? I would love to see you vlog :)


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